News from the Garden Wall

February, 2010

Love from the Virgineers ... "Valentine", a song from the long-awaited "Love Soldiers" album has been released as a downloadable single.


December, 2009

We've posted two Christmas songs that can be downloaded for free for a limited time! "We Are Santa's Helpers" and "Christmas In My Mind" are once again available for your holiday listening enjoyment. Merry Christmas from the Virgineers.


October, 2009

The Virgineers are wide awake after what seems like years of sleep. By popular demand we have made our first album and a few orphan songs available for streaming or download! You can now purchase individual tracks or the entire album. Check out the power pop tune "Sometime Tomorrow"


July, 2006

A song in remembrance of Syd Barrett: "Smile, Cheshire Cat" This was originally released on the Ptolemaic Terrascope Sampler CD that was included with issue #28 in 2000. What more can be said about the inventiveness of Syd Barrett? He opened the door wide for us and countless others to follow. His all too brief musical flame still lights up the dark sky like a flare gun. It's no secret he was and will always be a major influence on our work. Celebrate the amazing music he left us!


November, 2004

We're honored to be mentioned in Mojo Magazine's special Pink Floyd edition as one of the top ten bands influenced by Syd Barrett. Check it out at a psychedelic newsstand near you.